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About Me

Hello, I'm William Wise. I'm a web developer and designer based in Arkansas. I like to build creatively, and exploring new things.

My first web design experience was all the way back in 2013, where I used Wix (a little-more-than customizeable website creation website). Three years later, I was tired of being broke and the limitations of Wix, so I hopped onto w3schools and learned HTML. Growing from there, I moved onto EJS, then Vue.js, then finally React. My favorite framework ended up being Next.js with React.

In my spare time, I like to play (relatively few) video games, do graphic design, 3D model, play with audio, and just do "web doodles" (basically non-functional websites just to make them).

Technical Skills


Featured Projects

Wise Software Documentation

A documentation website, built for Wise Software, to guide users on how their products work and how to use them. It uses GitHub for hosting the documentation files, features a directoy-based routing structure, and has extended Markdown support. Source is hidden for now, until we work out if we want it public or not.

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West Swim & Dive

A forums-styled website built for a Swim & Dive team for a local high school. It features custom pages and moderation tools.

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Musical Minesweeper

A recreation of Minesweeper made for music nerds. Numbers are replaced with musical notes.

MEE6 Level Calculator

This calculates the amount of messages and experience you'd need to get a specific level in MEE6, the Discord bot.

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A clone of the PathOS terminal UI from the horror game, SOMA. It is a showcase of the capabilities of CSS's 9-slice imaging method. It features custom sound effects and cursors as well.

This Website :)

An award winning* portfolio for the person who made this website.

* Self-awarded

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